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Olitz over again

What a wasted opportunity to show the Olitz relationship culmination; yeah we know life is not a romance novel BUT IT’S TELEVISION SR, HELLO! After the tremendous, powerful, and emotional scenes shared between them from 219 on; how can the bottom fallout so abruptly? Fitz shut down and entire hospital wing, earned her, planned to leave it all, forgave her for defiance and Jake but she can’t leave the OPAs?!!! Not that I want her to but she can take them with her, they can help with the campaign again and once he’s relected find them an office in the White House. What about the plan? She could be a gladiator and the first lady; Fitz needs her as well and I just find that ending truly unbelievable. How can she walk away from him? He wants her as his first lady, that line and his face broke my heart and what about his super power; you giving that up girl?! Her spill to him was so ironic, defiance is dead, the genie’s back in the bottle, the reset button has been hit, run clean, start over, BLAH FREAKING BLAH Olivia, take your own advice!!! Forgive him, start fresh; it’s also a chance for her to do things the right way, with him, as a team this time, make it up to him. Verna was on death’s door; he did it to protect her, (although Rosen found out anyway :) ) she walks on the dark side of the moon right? We all do terrible things, but I guess that applies to everyone but him. Prove that no one including Cy can come between you; It’s not his life or presidency and if he doesn’t get on board he can hit the bricks with Mellie. Fitz is constantly proving his love and dedication to Olivia and as much I LOVE THEM and ship Olitz it’s her turn in season 3; what more can a man do?

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    Fantastically put! Agree 1000% it’s time Liv proved her love for him. Saying she loves him would be a good start…
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    As long as SR is writing this series, those things we long to happen NEVER will. 2-19-2-21 they had all these beautiful...
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